Childrens' sports, a commodity that always has value

I enjoyed attending my nephew's flag football games in New Orleans.  It was one overcast day in September, you know the ones with a storm always looming.  As you watch the action unfold, you cannot help but go back in time, to days when you were in the cleats running around like a mad junior woman and man all hyped up on Gatorade.  You get the nostalgic feelings, going down these memory lanes, but you also recollect some of the vital things that sports contributed to your own growth.  These same development experiences learned from other forms of sports.  Action and motor sports build the same skills and can apply the same logic as below, it just comes as a different medium than football, soccer, baseball, etc.

1.  Being part of a team.  You see what being part of a puzzle can do to the whole picture.  You begin to see that counting on others, and trusting them, can lead to some good results.

2. Even playing fields.  There are no physical differences or comparisons once that whistle blows.  There is only an objective or goal that everyone must work for as part of the team.  Race, social status, friends and clicks are all behind you.  And sometimes, if you are lucky, you never realize these things even exist for you. They are just "things" out there that do not have to effect you.

3.  Falling and failing are never the same.  You can begin to disassociate winning and losing as a term.  Especially when 1 on 1.  At the end of the day, somebody will win and someone will lose this game, this drive, this play. And tomorrow or next week, you might be on the other side of that coin toss.  You just learn to go out and play had.

4. You are still a hero.  Parents, this is so key in a world of internet, cool gadgets, toys, and video can still be their greatest hero.  Your kid will fall, get scrapes, bruises, broken bones and a whole bunch of other physical, emotional, and psychological scars that life can bring their way.  But you can always be the singular object, the rock, that your children know will never move and be there for them when they need it most.

5.  Have fun!  No matter the age, we all feel life's pressures.  Just like #4 begins to indicate, sports is about you too, Mom and/or Dad.  Have some fun, it is contagious.  A kid's bad day can be brought to happier times with an excited parent looming near by.

September 18, 2016