Fairhope Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony

It's Lit.

That is the best way to describe the ceremony.  A few thousand residents gather at the center of town for a light switch to be flipped on.  It is a big switch, thousands of little light bulbs come to life in a single moment with this switch.  Every tree branch in down town is wrapped several times over in light strands.

Thousands gather at the corner of Fairhope Avenue and Section Street.

The ceremony is primed with the local choir and school orchestra playing seasonal classics.  The new Mayor gave a speech to her citizens.  Recognition was also paid to our armed forces heroes as a WWII vet was honored before the crowd.

The town flourished from all of its evening participants.  The local restaurants and town stores were full, small production companies were entertaining, and the local radio stations making appearances.  Mrs. Claus paid a visit for the children to deliver their Christmas day wishes.

But the biggest key to this event, this ceremony, are the children.  The kids that light up as bright as the trees.  It is their faces, now well lit by the lights in pure joy, that make this evening special.  Their amazement and cheer as the foam "snow" machine rains down across the town.  These are the moments that start the holidays and remind us why friends, family, and loved ones are the key to every holiday season.

Hoping everyone enjoyed an excellent holiday season and is off to a 2017!