Through the fire

A photographer can become very stale over time.  You can lose an edge, a willingness to grow, and maybe even the will to shoot.  I fear the last two thirds.  Thousands of words can be portrayed in a single image.  A capture in time can provide endless emotions, and to lose the will to freeze these moments, well that is one sad thought.

But then there are moments that can redefine your methods and approach.  These moments can, in many way, redefine your own being.

The time is 10:45 am.  The date is Saturday April 1st.  You would think a man in his old chair, watching his neighbor's house burn, would spring into action of some sort.  Despite his elder appearance, he was still spry.  Same for the fire fighter sitting in the folding chair before the old man.  But this was in some sorts an April Fools Joke for those motoring by the scene.  You could feel the heat, there was no mistaking that this house was going towards ash and minerals.  Yet I am sure those driving down Route 98 were confused at the lack of action.  Everyone in a way, seemed to be also engulfed by the intensity of the flames.

This was the climax and ending of cross department fire training.  The hosts being the Fairhope Volunteer Fire Department and the caterers being the new home owners.  That is right, new home owners.  The repair and restoration of this new-to-them home was going to cost them significantly.  The decision was made, that they would build new.  Another decision was made at the closing of the home between memories and futures.  The previous home owner was a part of the fire fighting community for years.  It was agreed, that this property and this home could be used by the fire department.  Which brings us to April 1st, 2017, where the home was turned to ash.  A viking funeral per say of memories and time.

And just like a new home will resurrect from here, so did a new burning passion for photography.  As I got to by an impromptu bystander, I triggered in myself a desire to be a photojournalist.  How many opportunities will I have as a photographer to capture such images and emotions.  I can probably count that number on two hands for an entire lifetime's worth.

Photo journalism is a parallel line between photographer and text.  It is an innate ability to tell a complete story through words.  While I was not on premise from the time training started, I had just enough to practice telling a story.  Without words, one can easily interpret the young girl lost a home.  And this boy has learned a new future.  Through these moments, I am now focused on growing my passion for photography in practicing photo journalism.  The shutter released on my camera for possibly 10 images post Christmas holiday through March.  Now it will firing for no less than 10 a week.  This blog section of DMG will now be transformed into something more.  My work will be transformed into something more.  I looking forwarding to sharing both news and life with you my friends.